Should You Attend Career Point College?

Are you considering attending Career Point College in San Antonio, TX? That’s incredible. Wanting to further your education is a great choice.

For years, getting a college degree has been a stepping stone to making more money.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to attend Career Point College in order to make money? That you don’t have to: 

  • Listen to your professor drone on about the History of Texas.
  • Go to the Texas bookstore for a $200 book you only read once
  • Get up for 8am classes
  • Beg your teacher to change your grade from – to a +

And this is 100% possible!

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Career Point College Map


Trying to find the website for Career Point College? Career Point College Official Website

Career Point College was a private 2-year for-profit career school located in San Antonio, Texas, with branch campuses in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas. Its San Antonio location is at the Wonderland of the Americas mall, where it housed a cosmetology school and a nursing school with vocational and RN programs. The Career Point College LVN program was ranked 49th out of 95 Texas programs by

The founding institution, Dickinson Business School, was established in 1921 by Harold R. Frazell to train typists in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1953, a secretarial program was added, a new shorthand system was developed, and by the late 1950s this system was widely accepted in the Kansas City area and became known as “Dickinson Shorthand.”

In the early 1970s, a Missouri corporation consisting of two local educators purchased Dickinson Business School and modified the schools educational programs to emphasize individualized, self-paced instruction, and in late December 1981, Lawrence D. Earle purchased an interest in the institution, broadening the financial base of the school.

By August 1982, Dickinson Business School became accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), and the San Antonio campus was approved by the Texas Education Agency on December 13, 1983. The first classes began on January 3, 1984, and in 1988, the San Antonio campus was granted “main campus status” by ACICS. Approximately six years later, on December 20, 1989, Earle acquired all outstanding stock of the school from his partner, changed the institution’s name to Career Point Business School, and focused solely on the main campus in San Antonio, and a branch campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Over the next six years, Career Point Business School increased the sizes of both campuses, as it offered programs in the Medical, Business, Legal and Technology fields.

The school later transitioned to competency-based training and assessment, and continued to modify its program offerings, which eventually led the Board of Directors to change the school’s name to Career Point Institute on March 27, 2001. Soon thereafter, with the introduction of various Associate degree programs, the name changed one final time to Career Point College at the end of 2007.

The college implemented a full-time vocational nursing program in 2009. In 2011, Career Point College expanded its campus on Balcones Heights mall. In 2015, the college campus at the Wonderland of the Americas expanded to make room for its new registered nursing program.

On October 16, 2016, President and CEO Larry Earle, announced the immediate closure of Career Point College. Students were notified via email. Many news outlets reported that the school’s financial aid department was involved in multiple cases of monetary fraud.

After 2011, Career Point College has made significant additions to the program offerings at both campuses. The Texas Board of Nursing approved Career Point College to offer vocational and registered nursing programs at the School of Nursing and Medical Technology on the San Antonio campus, and both the Texas and Oklahoma State Boards of Cosmetology have approved cosmetology programs to be taught at the Schools of Cosmetology on both campuses.

The college offers education in a total of 28 distinct concentrations, including Associate of Applied Science degrees in Criminal Justice, Cyber Security, and Network Support Specialist, and training in Early Childhood Education, Paralegal, Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Technician, and User Support Specialist.

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Career Point College Review

Is Career Point College Worth it?

As a young adult, college is an incredibly exciting time in your life. But paying on your student loans long after you finish? Not so exciting. This leads a lot of individuals to ask: Is university worth it? The typical expense of simply one year at college can range anywhere from $21,370 for a public, in-state university to a tremendous $48,510 for a private university. Multiply that by 4 years, and the overall cost is insane! If you’re getting personal loans to pay for college, you’ll be tens of hundreds of dollars in the red prior finishing. Even if you choose to refinance your student loan, it could take years to pay off.

We see way too many individuals battling to pay loans to go to Career Point College while their future is at risk. It’s a typical issue that’s just worsening: Think about the toll that debt takes on your goals as well as dreams. Depending upon the loan payment strategy, it can take up to 30 years to pay off. That’s a significant part of your life you can’t return.

However whatever you might assume, you can pay for college. It just takes some hustle. So, before you begin wearing the Career Point College colors 24/7, ask yourself: Is the price of Career Point College actually worth it? Really be honest with yourself. I’m a large fan of university, yet there are advantages and disadvantages to any type of significant life choice.

Should You Go to Career Point College?

So now, let’s weigh the pros of going to Career Point College. According to the Federal Book Financial Institution of New York, the mean earnings for a secondary school graduate is $28,000, while those with a bachelor’s degree make around $44,000. As long as you graduate debt-free, that college diploma can assist you develop wealth a great deal quicker than if you didn’t go to college.

Yet specific tasks like teacher, nursing, engineering and legislation all need at the very least a two-year level. Graduating college can open doors to occupation paths that would be shut to you otherwise. Not to state having a level could put you ahead of your competition throughout the task hunt, also for tasks where a degree isn’t called for.

Career Point College Courses

Your courses assist you build abilities you’ll need in the workforce, like trouble fixing, crucial reasoning, team effort and also organization. Yeah, you can obtain this experience in other methods, but it belongs to what makes the college experience a great investment for a great deal of individuals. University is additionally an excellent opportunity to branch off as well as meet people from all profession.

And colleges are normally fusions of societies, religious beliefs, political views and also various other beliefs. While your core worths will possibly continue to be the exact same, you’ll hopefully get a much better understanding of where others are coming from. Teaching fellowships are one of the most effective ways to obtain on-the-job experience and perhaps even a work deal.

A normal university campus must likewise have assistance counselors, occupation facilities, work fairs, clubs, and also volunteer chances to aid you acquire the experience you’ll require to make yourself stand out in the task market. Lots of universities work hard to see to it that a high portion of grads relocate directly right into the labor force in their areas of research.

I claim this constantly: College is not for everyone. As well as similar to there are lots of pros to getting an university level, there are some cons as well. Allow’s speak concerning them. A college degree can open doors, but what keeps those doors open up? Effort! Several of the globe’s richest businesspeople really did not also end up college think innovation innovators Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and also Michael Dell.

We hope you enjoyed this Career Point College review.